/Silver Dollar Fish – A Popular Tropical Fish For Aquariums
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Silver Dollar Fish – A Popular Tropical Fish For Aquariums

Silver Dollar Fish

In search of a medium-sized fish to add to your community tank? There is no better option other than the silver dollar aquarium fish. This fish belonging to the South American region is a great addition to any community tank due to its peaceful temperament. They can reach up to six inches. The size paired with its appearance makes it stand out from the rest even in a larger community tank.


The silver dollar fish comes from the Characidae fish family. Although most fish from this family tend to be aggressive, the case is the complete opposite of the silver dollar fish. The tiger silver dollar fish is easy to care for making it a great choice for beginner level tank keepers. They have long lifespans as the oldest silver dollar fish can live up to ten years if looked after properly.

They prefer living in groups, therefore they are often sold in bulks. The price is also very economical and they can be found at almost all fish stores. Being pelagic fish, they mostly swim closer to the surface of the water and can often be sighted around the top of the aquarium tank.

From Where Does The Silver Dollar Fish Get Its Name?

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As indicated by the name, the fish looks like a silver dollar from afar. They have a rounded body that is covered in a glistening silver color. Despite being rounded, their overall shape and structure are pretty flat which literally gives them the appearance of a coin!

The appearance of the fish also depends on its types. There are plenty of silver dollar fish types. The green,  the red hook, and spotted silver dollar fish are some popular types. The growth rate is moderate. They tend to grow larger in size if kept in their natural wild habitat. In an aquarium tank, one can expect this fish to reach the size of around six to nine inches.

Which Fish Can Be Kept With Silver Dollar Fish?

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they are a great choice for community tanks. This is why their compatibility is not an issue for most people. They like to spend most of their time near the surface of the water. Therefore, any fish which is peaceful in terms of temperament and likes to stay within the bottom half of the aquarium tank can easily be kept with them.

Some tank mate options that do well really well with both males or females include catfish, Green Terror Cichlids, Pacus, Central American Cichlids, and Firemouth fish. They also, like to be kept in groups, and having a minimum of five silver dollar fish is recommended. Otherwise, they tend to get nervous and don’t remain as active in the tank.

Tank owners often inquire do silver dollar fish have teeth? Yes, they do. Since they are middle-sized fish, it is easy for them to gobble up their small-sized tank mates. Therefore, when adding them to a community tank, avoid having small-sized fish like Gouramis, Tetras, and Bettas as they will be at risk of getting eaten. Snails should also be avoided for the same reason.

How To Breed Silver Dollar Fish?

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Breeding Silver DollarFish is comparatively easier. If they find ample space in the tank, they will be inclined towards spawning. The first and foremost requirement for breeding is having a mated pair. It is recommended that you buy them small and raise them until they reach maturity.

These fishes reach maturity within one year and typically grow up to a size of four inches during this time frame. As soon as the fish mature and you find a pair, it should be separated from the rest of the school. Males show readiness for spawning by darkening their colors. The colors of the fins especially turn bright and are easily identifiable.

The ideal tank conditions for breeding silver dollar fish require a temperature range of seventy-nine to eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit. The pH should be maintained within six to seven and the hardness should be around 4-8dGH.

Adding soft plants is also recommended as they serve as a breeding spot as well as the home for the fertilized eggs. The mating begins when the male solver dollar fish is ready. It will begin chasing the female fish around the tank. Soon afterward, the female will release eggs and the male will fertilize them. Generally, the female can easily release around two thousand eggs at the same time.

The eggs generally sink to the bottom of the tank and should hatch within three days. You can choose to raise the fry without the parents but having the parents in the tank is also not an issue as the Silver dollar fish does not have a tendency to feed on its babies.

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What Should They Be Fed?

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By nature, the silver dollar fish are omnivores but they generally like herbivore diets. They love to feed on plants around them. In vegetables, they love peas, lettuce, cucumbers, and cress. Due to their herbivore diet, they also make sure that there are no algae in the tank and serve as algae eaters as well.

When they not eating is a sign of illness and it indicates that you should keep an eye on it. If the problem continues, it is better to isolate the fish exhibiting this behavior and seek medical help as needed. Otherwise, these fish are very easy to care for and rarely fall sick.

In a nutshell, if you are a beginner level tank keeper who wants to add a medium-sized fish to a community tank, silver dollar fish should surely be taken into consideration. It will bring out the life in the tank and will surely steal the spotlight.

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