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Cherry Barb For Beginner Level Aquarium Tank Owners

Cherry Barb

Cherry barb fish is a popular choice for people who have just started setting up their first aquarium tank. This peaceful fish gets along well with most fish and does great in a community tank. It is a brightly colored fish that is very easy to care for. Moreover, observing cherry barbs in a tank is a fun activity that will always keep you happy. All in all, everything about this category of fish makes it an extremely beginner-friendly fish.


cherry appearance

As indicated by the name, these fish are bright red in color. This color is consistent from their head to the edge of their tails. The male cherry barb fish are more colorful as compared to female cherry barbs. Male fish are vibrant and bright whereas females are dull. This is a significant difference between the two sexes and can be used to distinguish between the two.

A black line runs through the middle of the fish’s body from the mouth up to the caudal fin. Since scales cover this line, therefore, it appears dotted from afar. The fish is long and thin. This structure is the reason behind their fast swimming pace. When the fish is racing in the tank, it tucks the dorsal fin. The fins are slightly translucent in color and the fins of the female cherry barb fish are more clear as compared to the fins of male fish.

In terms of size, these fish fall into the category of small fish. They can reach a size of around two inches when fully grown but it is normal for some fish to stop growing beyond one inch.

Cherry Barb Tank Requirements:

Cherry barb tank

Cherry barb care is not that hard. Therefore, these are highly recommended for people who have no experience of aquarium tank setup and care. Despite the fact that the cherry barb fish is not very demanding, there are still some conditions and tank parameters that should be maintained to ensure they remain healthy and don’t fall prey to health issues.

Although these fish are small in size, they have a minimum tank requirement of twenty-five to thirty gallons. These fish do pretty well when kept in a school. Due to their small size, people often make the mistake of adding them to a small tank. But they need space to swim around freely. Therefore, a larger tank is required.

The ideal cherry barb temperature for a tank is between seventy-three to eight one degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal pH level is between six to eight and the water hardness should be 5-19dH. Generally, the cherry barb fish is very hardy and is not very demanding in terms of water conditions. But it is always a good idea to test the aquarium water frequently and adjust the parameters to keep the fish content and satisfied.

Feeding Cherry Barb Fish:

feeding cheery barb

Cherry Barb fish are omnivorous in nature. Therefore, they will eat pretty much anything that is provided to them. They are not very fond of feeding on the plants in an aquarium tank. Their favorite foods are small insects and worms.

In a tank, most owners feed them with flakes that are easily available in pet stores where there are on sale. Along with these flakes, brine shrimps and worms should also be incorporated in their diets to fulfill their protein requirements.

One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when feeding their cherry barb fish is to overfeed them. As a result, the cherry barb gets sick and the risk of algae blooms in the tank as a result of the decay of uneaten food is also increased.

To feed your fish, add the food slowly to the tank and give the fish time some time to eat it. When they eat up the food, add some more in a small quantity and continue doing so till the fish stop eating indicating they are full.

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Temperament And Behavior:

fish behavior


Cherry barbs are active fish who love to swim around the tank. With them in the tank, you will always notice activity in the tank. Due to their active nature, observing them in the tank is a very interesting activity.

In terms of temperament, they are not aggressive at all. They have a peaceful temperament as a result of which they are a popular choice for community tanks. Cherry barb and betta, cherry barb and angelfish, cherry barb and guppies as well as cherry barb with shrimp can be found in plenty of tanks.

Generally, the cherry barb likes to mind its own business and stay occupied roaming around the tank. Therefore, it neither provokes nor causes aggression in other tank mates. However, the male albino cherry barb may display some aggression during the mating season. During the breeding, it is normal for male cherry barbs to establish dominance by displaying aggression so they can attract females.

Cherry Barb Breeding:

fish breeding

Cherry barb fish are not only easy to care for but are easy to breed as well. The only thing that the tank owner has to care for is to provide the appropriate tank environment. Make sure that there is ample room in the tank as if bred in a small tank, the cherry barb fish tends to eat its own eggs.

There should be plants in the breeding tank as well. Cherry barbs use these plants as hiding spots to breed as well as lay eggs. This way, the eggs are not exposed and the risk of them being devoured by predators is decreased significantly.

Cherry barb fish tends to lay a large number of eggs. It is highly recommended that the tank owners separate them and move them to a designated tank if possible. There are plenty of tools in the market that can be used for this purpose.

The eggs take only a couple of days to hatch. It is important to feed the baby cherry barbs properly so their nutritional needs can be fulfilled and they grow properly. Once they grow in size they can be added to a community tank as needed.

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